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A Sharp Knife, Is a Safe Knife

There is nothing more frustrating in the kitchen than a dull knife. Not only does it make prep work a chore and your finished product less attractive, it's also downright dangerous. A dull blade requires more pressure to cut into a food, and can easily slip off of a tough onion skin and into your finger. Ouch.

Make Old Knives Feel Brand New

"With a fine enough grit, your knife should be able to take hairs off your arm when you've finished. Additionally—and I'm not kidding about the importance of this one—the act of sharpening your knife will help you create a much stronger bond with your blade, and a knife that is treated respectfully will behave much better for its owner."


Timeless Design

" The Sharpen-Up whetstone is a sleek and modern tool for any style of kitchen. "

The Only Knife Sharpener You Will Ever Need

  • The Complete Kit

    - This is the all-in-one package you will ever need to sharpen your knives professionally.

    - A free angle guide will ensure you always keep the knife at the correct angle.

    - The double sided stone ensures you will always have the perfect grit stone available when sharpening your knives.

    - The black silica base is extremely flexible, waterproof and makes sure your stone will stay in a fixed position while sharpening.


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How To Use

Simple & Fun

Premium Two Sided Sharpening Stone kit  -  With FREE Recipe Ebooks and Recipe Videos worth over $97!
  • Step One

    Soak the whetstone for around 5-15 minutes, you will notice small bubbles releasing from the stone, you will know its ready to take out when the bubbles stop.

  • Step Two

    Start to sharpen your knife using the angle guide on the #1000 grit side and then refine your edge on the #3000 grit side. You will be left with a razor sharp knife.


Its a great sharpening stone for the price. can't beat the double sided grit block. the plastic angled slider is a huge help. (if you are using a knife that it works with, not all knifes get the required angle with it) The instructions are kinda useless so check on here for how to use it properly or just search youtube for detailed instructions. but i am very pleased with the stone and the feed back from the seller was fantastic.

After receiving this knife sharpener I went to town and sharpened everyone of my knives. It is easy to use and works great!
I have bought various knife sharpeners in the past and this one is by far the best!

Used only twice so far, I'm satisfied that I spent my money wisely. The stone sits on a rubber (silicone?) cradle which actually does stop things sliding around.
I've already determined that I shall do my sharpening on a towel or an old newspaper. The lubricating water quickly becomes grey with metal particles and seems to find its way to all regions of the work surface. This wasn't unexpected and is in no way a reason to avoid purchasing or continuing to use this product.
The block was shrink-wrapped in clear plastic, inside an extremely robust box covered in directions and warnings in multiple languages. This was inside a larger plain box sealed with Amazon tape. With minimal sensible care, this sharpening block should last a lifetime.